House Hunting Buyers KitTM

House Hunting BadgeTM
House Hunting GuideTM

Designed by a Real Estate Agent
for Real Estate Agents

House Hunting BadgeTM

Now Real Estate Agents will feel confident
in knowing their clients are protected while
they are out house hunting without them.

Why should a Real Estate agent
use the House Hunting BadgeTM?

  • It identifies client as already working with an agent.
  • To decrease client loss - increases sales.
  • To help buyers commit to agent.
  • Agent is relieved in knowing clients are protected.
  • To address any potential unethical behavior.
  • It helps Agents in asking buyer to sign Agency.
  • To convert open house prospects into clients.
  • It helps develop buyer loyalty.
  • Agents can add Promotional Mkting items to Kit i.e. Note Pad, Calender, Pen etc.


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Protect Your Clients
Protect Yourself

A new Real Estate product having powerful results!

The House Hunting Buyers KitTM is working for you!

Real Estate agents will have the opportunity to hand out the House Hunting Buyers KitTM to current clients, at Open Houses, sphere of influence and other situations. Real Estate agents will be handing out much more than just a business card. The potential and possibilities are compounded when a buyer is wearing your House Hunting BadgeTM IMPORTANT NOTE: agents you can now develop your own new client welcome kit by including your personel marketing materials into the House Hunting Buyers Kit i.e. Personal brochure, Note Pad, Pen, Magnetic Calenders etc. What a great way to capture a new client and promote yourself!

Real Estate agents and clients
connecting to increase sales!

As most Real Estate agents know, it is inevitable that buyers will search for a home on their own. It is at this time buyers are vulnerable to other Real Estate agents. The House Hunting BadgeTM will protect our clients by announcing up-front that they are already working with a Real Estate agent when they enter any home for sale. Most importantly, the House Hunting BadgeTM will give agents the opportunity of working with a buyer that is committed to them, their Real Estate agent. This would insure a potential sale and adding to our bottom line.

Confident Real Estate agents!

The secure feeling an agent will have of knowing their client is protected while out house hunting on their own is a welcomed relief and very reassuring.

Connect and Convert with the House Hunting Buyers KitTM

For Real Estate agents who must have Agency signed before they will take out a new buyer, the House Hunting Buyers KitTM would be helpful in asking a new buyer to sign our Agency or Buyer Broker Disclosure.

The House Hunting Buyers KitTM
a New Standard in Marketing!

Real Estate agents are very resourceful in promoting and marketing themselves and will find other applications not mentioned here in using the House Hunting Buyers KitTM. Feel free to contact us with your innovative approaches in using your House Hunting Buyers KitTM.

House Hunting GuideTM

A Buyers Checklist

As an added feature to our House Hunting BadgeTM the House Hunting GuideTM includes a note pad of 25 pages of select buying criteria for your house hunting buyers. Now your buyers will have an easy method of keeping track of what they have seen and what amenities each home has.

Searching Made Easy!

The House Hunting GuideTM will enhance your clients buying experience. The House Hunting GuideTM will provide a more organized and complete approach to their decision making process. Making it a little easier for buyers to compare homes and make a faster buying decision. The House Hunting GuideTM will provide a lasting impression of your Thoughtfulness and Professionalism; making you their Realtor for Life!

Both Now Available!


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House Hunting Buyers KitTM

Only $14.95 / set of six
(six Badges plus six Guides)
Contact us about corporate logo printing on Badges and Guides.
Quantity Pricing Available!


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